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Reviewing a contract is a nitpicky task. Not only does it involve a high-level legal review, but it also deals with a lot of routine proofreading and turning a draft into a polished contract.

We've created our Summary block to help you make the reviewing process more efficient and, frankly, just more comfortable. Let's see how you can make it transform your contract reviews into valuable insights.

What is Summary?

Loio’s Summary gives you an overview of your contract's well-being and key information. It also allows you to spot all issues Loio has found in the agreement – be it a minor formatting typo or a high-risk mistake in money statements.

As you click Scan, Loio analyzes your document and searches for essential information details and errors in your contract. After scanning, you can see the results formed in three tabs: Critical Issues, Mild Issues, and Key Terms.

Moreover, across the whole plugin, you can see your document’s Contract Health Score (CHS).

The Critical Issues tab displays the number of high-risk errors that Loio has identified in your contract. These issues appear in money amounts and dates.

Mild Issues are the errors often missed by accident during contract reviewing and drafting. In your document, Loio indicates these issues in incorrect definitions and defined terms along with poor formatting of money sums and dates.

The Key Terms tab helps you keep all essential contract data in plain view for more efficient proofreading.

Note that Key Terms only identify and spot specific types of data but do not point to issues.

The data you can proofread with Key Terms includes definitions and defined terms, parties, contact details, money amounts, and dates.

The number of Key Terms doesn’t affect your Contract Health Score, except when we don’t find any Key Terms in your agreement. In that case, the CHS will be zero, and we will suggest checking whether you've scanned the relevant document.

How to use Summary

Summary is a great place to get instant access to the key data and highlighted issues of your contract.

In each tab of Critical Issues and Mild Issues, we group all the detected errors according to their types. In Key Terms, we specify the main information details of your contract.

For example, you need to review money amounts in the Critical Issues tab that Loio has found in your contract. Click on any type of Critical Issues in the Money category (e.g., Words and numbers don't match) and see the related "matches" or errors within your agreement text.

You’ll move to the specific List of matches that Loio has found in your contract. Here you can see the type of the found match and its location in your contract text when clicking Show more.

If you think that the match is irrelevant for you, you can click Dismiss to remove it from the List.

When you’re working with Critical and Mild Issues, you can automatically fix specific types of issues. Loio will suggest you the correct option in blue. If you’re sure that’s a good fit for you, click on it, and the issue will be quickly fixed in your contract text!

Whenever you review and correct errors in your contract, you can click Rescan to update your Contract Health Score and clear the solved matches.

You can learn more about Summary features in this video.

We hope that Summary will become your driver's seat of reviewing contracts and getting every detail right.

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