Mild Issues in Dates
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Dates are crucial for clear timeframes in contracts. If you want to check your contract for date formatting issues, use the Mild Issues tab in Summary. For more high-risk issues with date statements, check the Critical Issues tab.

Let’s have a look at the Mild Issues in Dates that Loio can find in documents:

Ordinal date format

In contracts, dates are better formed as month-day-year so avoid ordinal date format in contracts (e.g. "March 5, 2021", but not "5th of March 2021").

Comma issues in dates

Use commas if months precede days and avoid commas when days precede months (e.g. "March 5, 2021"; "5 March 2021").

Wrong day format

When spelling out a date, write days below 10 starting with the figures, not with 0 ("5 March 2021" but not "05 March 2021").

Months not spelled in letters

To eliminate ambiguity, it's better to spell out months in letters (e.g. "5 March 2021" but not "03/05/2021").

Note that Loio can help you fix all Mild Issues in Dates. Choose the match with a date issue and click on Loio’s suggestion to fix it in blue. The issue will be automatically corrected in your contract text as well.

If you think the detected Mild Issue in Dates is irrelevant for you, you can always click Dismiss.

We hope that poorly formatted dates will not disturb you again.

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