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To avoid double-checking typos in phone numbers or street addresses, detect and browse through Contact Details with Loio. Contact Details are available in Loio’s Key Terms card and include information like Email addresses, Phone numbers, Addresses, and Placeholders.

  • Email addresses include electronic mail addresses.

  • Phone numbers find telephone numbers for contact.

  • Addresses display physical or mailing addresses.

  • Placeholders are empty fields for filling in important information by the parties.

After scanning, Loio will display and count all emails, phone numbers, addresses, placeholders in your contract. If you would like to see more details, click on the tab you need. You’ll see where each of the found contact details is located in your text, and proofread it without scrolling and clicking.

If you want Loio to display only contacts without other Key Terms, you can choose Contact Details in Filters in the upper right corner.

We hope that checking in with Contact Details will save you a lot of time on reviewing contracts and help you avoid uncomfortable typos in the final drafts.

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