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Contracts are filled with important data that guides the agreement of the parties, but some types of information are especially crucial to review. Information like the governing law, money, dates, and places all should be checked carefully in the final draft of the agreement. To improve the quality of your reviews, use Loio’s Essentials in the Key Terms card.

What are the Essentials?

Essentials include high-priority contract information that needs extra attention:

  • Governing law marks the clauses which state the law of a particular country to govern the contract.

  • Money displays money amounts in figures, signs, and letters like “$1500.58” or “one thousand dollars”.

  • Dates include calendar dates, timelines, and periods (“five (5) business days”).

  • Places include mentions of geographical locations.

How to work with Essentials

After you scan the document with Loio, you can see the list of Governing law, Money, Dates, and Places in the Essentials tab of the Key Terms card. To see each mention highlighted in the text, click on the tab from the list.

If you would like to only see Essential Key Terms in the results screen, tick this category in Filters above in the Key Terms card.

We hope that Loio’s Essentials will help you review contracts more comfortably.

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