What are Mild Issues?
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In Loio’s Summary, Mild Issues are low-risk drafting mistakes and typos that may affect your contract’s clarity. These issues cover the formatting of money amounts, dates, and more. For more severe errors like unmatching currency signs, wrong dates, or inconsistent referencing, check Critical Issues.

Using the Mild Issues tab, you can review your documents faster and more thoroughly like you have one more pair of eyes. Apart from Summary, Mild Issues are also displayed and indicated in Table of Contents (ToC).

Let’s see what the Mild Issues tab can do for you.

What mistakes are identified as Mild Issues?

The Mild Issues tab includes three categories of issues:

  • Money displays issues of inaccurate money amount sums and redundant decimals;

  • Dates show improper format of dates;

  • Definitions and Defined Terms depict irrelevant, duplicated, or misspelled defined words in your contract.

How to use the Mild Issues tab

To review the found Mild Issues after scanning, select the needed type of the issue. Then click on a match that Loio has identified as a Mild Issue in your contract.

After you’ve clicked on the match, you’ll move to the List of matches.

When you unfold the match, you’ll see where it is located in your document structure. The ‘Show more’ option will help you to spot the match within the document text.

If you think that the match doesn’t work for you, click Dismiss. Below you’ll see a progress bar that displays your previous action, e.g. “Fixed and removed to the Bin”. If you removed the Mild Issue by mistake, you can cancel the action within 3 seconds. Otherwise, it won’t be restored.

Loio can help you automatically fix all Mild Issues in Money and Dates plus some cases in the category of Definitions and Defined terms. Let's see the example of how Loio can suggest correcting an ordinal date in your contract.

In blue, you'll see the option to fix the date. Just click on it, and the issue will be instantly fixed right in your document text.

After you finish reviewing matches with Mild Issues, click Go back.

We hope that Loio’s Mild Issues tab will help you clean up your contract quicker and confidently send it.

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