What are Key Terms?
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The Key Terms tab in Loio’s Summary helps you keep essential contract data in plain view for easier proofreading. Use Key Terms to browse through necessary details in your contracts and complete your reviews faster.

Note that Key Terms only identify and spot specific data types but do not point to issues. Go for the Critical Issues and Mild Issues tabs to learn more about errors in your document that Loio has found.

Let’s see how Key Terms can help you in day-to-day contract review tasks.

Which contract information can be a Key Term?

Key Terms are divided into some categories of contract information:

  • Definitions and Defined Terms find the enumerated principal ideas, specified conditions, and requirements that determine the nature and scope of your contract;

  • Essentials cover the information related to the governing law, money amounts, dates, and places;

  • Parties reflect organizations and people that are mentioned in your contract;

  • Contact Details highlight emails, phone numbers, addresses, and placeholders.

How to use Key Terms

After your contract is scanned, you can review all Key Terms that Loio has found in your contract in the Summary report.

Below each of the Key Terms categories, you can see matches or specific items that Loio has identified as Key Terms in your contract.

For instance, if you’re reviewing the Essentials category, you’ll see matches or information details related to Governing Law, Money, Dates, and Places. You can unfold them to see their exact location in your contract text.

For more details, click on the match to go to the List of matches.

Here are matches with specific Key Terms across your contract. When you unfold any match, you’ll see its location in your document structure. Once you click Show more, you’ll see the match within the contract text.

If you find this match irrelevant, click Dismiss.

After you finish reviewing matches with Key Terms, click Go back.

We hope that Key Terms will help you indicate the most important information details in your agreement and quickly fix them if needed.

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