In legal documents, dates don’t just specify when a legal document was signed. Dates are also essential for defining the final statements of conditions and payments in your agreement.

Critical Issues in Dates are high-risk issues in date statements that can easily make a contract not legally enforceable. For low-risk date formatting issues, check the Mild Issues in Dates.

Here, we take a look at the Critical Issues in Dates that Loio identifies and suggests fixing:

This is a weekend date

It’s best to use only workdays in contracts to avoid unclear timeframes or inappropriate deadlines. Loio lets you know if any mentioned date in a document is a weekend. If so, we suggest you reconsider the date and make sure that a chosen day is a workday.

Impossible date

Dates like April 31 or February 29, 2021, may seem like regular days, but you won’t find them in any credible calendar. Loio spots any impossible date and notifies you about it.

The date is past due

Dates in your contract that have already passed can lead to costly consequences. Loio finds the past date and notifies you about it.

Days spelled in letters

Avoid spelling days in letters (e.g. "March 5, 2021", instead of "The fifth day of March 2021"). Loio pinpoints any days spelled incorrectly.

Wrong year format

Write years using four digits. Avoid drafting with a two-digit format (e.g. "05/03/2021" instead of "5/03/21"). Loio spots where it is possibly the wrong year format in your contract.

Note that with Loio, you can automatically fix such Critical Issues in Dates as Days spelled in letters and Wrong year format. However, Loio still pinpoints a potential problem with such issues in dates as This is a weekend date, Impossible date, and The date is past due, so you can double-check it and make the needed corrections manually.

If you think a Critical Issue in Dates is irrelevant for you, you can remove it by clicking Dismiss.

All these issues with dates can be detrimental to a successful agreement. After checking out all Critical Issues in Dates with Loio, we hope that you’ll manage to set out more accurate timeframes, essential for a successful deal.

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