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What are Critical Issues?
What are Critical Issues?
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In Loio’s Summary block, Critical Issues are high-risk drafting errors that Loio can identify in your contract. Unlike Mild Issues that mainly include low-risk formatting mistakes, Critical Issues may cost significant losses if omitted in legal agreements.

Commonly, you can see Critical Issues in money amounts, dates, and references. Their overall number in your contract may significantly affect your Contract Health Score.

In our Table of Contents (ToC), Critical Issues are usually indicated as exclamation marks in red.

Let’s see in detail how to review the found Critical Issues in your contract.

What mistakes are identified as Critical Issues?

Critical Issues have two categories:

  • Money overs misspelled decimals, words and numbers mismatch, incorrect dollar abbreviations, and more;

  • Dates include different issues with dates like weekend dates, wrong year format, days spelled in letters, etc.

How to use the Critical Issues tab

After Loio has scanned your contract, you can jump into the Critical Issues tab in Summary report. You’ll see the found types of high-risk errors.

If you click on the wanted type, you can review all matches mentioned in your contract. In the Critical Issues tab, matches mean specific items that Loio has identified as Critical Issues in your document.

For more details, click on the wanted match. Next, you’ll move to its List of matches that Loio has detected in your contract.

Here, you’ll see the exact spot of the issue in your contract structure. If you click ‘Show more’, you’ll see the issue mentioned within your document text.

If you think that the issue is irrelevant for you, click Dismiss. Beneath Loio’s tools, you’ll see the progress bar that indicates the state of your action, e.g. “Fixed and moved to Bin”. If you didn’t mean to delete the issue, in 3 seconds you can restore it by clicking ‘Cancel’.

With Loio, you can automatically fix specific Critical issues in Money and Dates. For more details, jump in our related articles.

After you finish reviewing matches with Critical Issues, click Go back.

We hope that by having the Critical Issues tab at hand, you will review your contracts more thoroughly and will eliminate all high-risk mistakes.

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