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How does Loio scan dual-language contracts?
How does Loio scan dual-language contracts?
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Dual-language contracts are the core of international negotiations. The more precise and correct a document is in both languages, the higher chances are to reach a mutual agreement. As a result, both parties can establish a long-term relationship.

With Loio, you can review your bilingual contracts as easily as agreements in your mother tongue.

For dual-language contracts which consist of English and any other language, Loio analyzes the English version of your document only. You can then align this analysis with the second language and fix any problematic areas.

We’ll alert you to potential issues in the pop-up of the Summary block. You can also scan for issues with all the main blocks of our plugin – Summary, Table of Contents (ToC), Clause bank, and Styling.

The Contract Health Score is also calculated for the English version of a dual-language document. After you’ve scanned your agreement, Loio will show you all the found Key Terms, Critical Issues, and Mild Issues for the English part of your contract. You then know where to focus your attention for the second language.

With dual-language contract support, Loio is useful for solving additional challenges that face modern legal professionals.

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