Reviewing contracts is uncomfortable when you can’t see the proper structure of your document and the highlighted errors right at your hand.

To let you feel more in control when looking for the needed clause or reference, we created the Table of Contents (ToC) block. Let’s see how it works.

What is Table of Contents?

Loio’s Table of Contents (ToC) helps you organize all sections of your document and see the detected errors across its structure.

Also, you can see and track your Contract Health Score (CHS) across the Loio plugin.

In the General tab, Loio indicates the following components of your contract:

  • Title displays the title of your document;

  • Preamble specifies the type of your document, party details, and dates;

  • Recitals include assumptions or conditions required in the contract;

  • Clauses find the numbered paragraphs that define the rights and obligations of the parties. Right after scanning, Clauses are unfolded automatically;

  • Signatures highlight signatures and the related details on who signed the agreement and when;

  • Annexes are additional materials that supplement your contract.

How to use Table of Contents

Table of Contents (ToC) is a perfect instrument to learn your contract’s structure from A to Z and browse the found issues through it.

After scanning your contract, Loio indicates the found Critical and Mild Issues in your contract structure by red and orange exclamation marks.

When you click View details, you’re moved to the List of matches Loio has detected in your contract. By "matches" in ToC, we mean every found and highlighted error in your agreement.

In the List, you can see the specific category of the found issue. After you click Show more, you will see its spot in your contract text.

Loio can help you automatically fix specific Critical and Mild Issues. To correct the error in your contract, click on the suggested option in blue by Loio. The issue will be instantly fixed in your document.

If you think that an issue is irrelevant for you, click on the Trash Bin to dismiss the issue.

We hope that with Loio’s Table of Contents you’ll get a clearer view of how well your contract is organized and fix unwanted issues within its structure.

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