The final steps of composing a contract are as challenging as the ones at the start. Thorough proofreading often needs more time than expected, leaving you far from tidying up text paragraphs.

Loio’s Styling feature can help you remove messy text formatting and get your contract ready for the next steps. Let’s see how to apply Styling settings in your agreements easily.

How to use Styling?

After scanning, Loio detects the overall formatting of your contract and defines its text styles based on a number of the related paragraphs.

Each indicated text style has the settings like font types and sizes, indents, paragraph spacing, and highlighting options (bold, italics, and underlining) that you can quickly adapt to your document. If a specific setting comes in yellow, it means that Loio has detected a few values for the same setting. But don’t you worry – you can tailor it as you need for your contract.

Also, you can preview a paragraph extract by clicking Edit and rename each text style.

Sometimes text styles detected by Loio may repeat in Styling. You can merge similar text styles in groups by choosing one of them as the main style and clicking Merge above the style block.

On the next page, tick a style or some of them you would like to add to the merged group.

Note that the settings of the selected styles will be applied to the main style of the group.

After you finish formatting your contract text, click Scan.

For more information on how you can benefit from Styling, dive into this video.

We hope that you will manage to instantly fix the overall look of your contracts and make them stand out after submission.

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