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How is my contract being scanned?
How is my contract being scanned?
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Here are three steps of how Loio scans your contracts from A to Z:

  1. Our plugin pinpoints issues and the key information details like definitions and defined terms, money amounts, references, parties, and more;

  2. Loio detects the structure and contents of your document;

  3. Our MS Word extension analyzes your contract’s formatting and defines the text styles of your contract.

After scanning, you’ll see the overall Contract Health Score (CHS) of your document. The results are split into three main Loio’s blocks: Summary, Table of Contents (ToC), and Styling.

Summary displays three information tabs: Critical Issues, Mild Issues, and Key Terms. You can always click on these tabs to learn more about all errors and info details that Loio has found in your contract.

You can also find issues indicated in Loio’s Table of Contents.

If Loio has found no issues in your document contents, you will see only Key Terms. If Loio hasn’t detected any Key Terms either, you might be working on something that is not the contract.

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