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How can I skip an identified match if it’s not relevant for me?
How can I skip an identified match if it’s not relevant for me?
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Sometimes all essential data and errors that Loio has found in your contract may not work for you. That’s why within our add-in, we enable you to dismiss unwanted info details and issues.

Note that for now, you can dismiss single matches in Lists of matches only. We’re currently developing the option to dismiss grouped matches right in Loio’s Summary and Table of Contents blocks.

To remove a match in the List you’re reviewing, click on the match and click Dismiss.

Meanwhile, below Loio’s tools, a progress bar will pop up. It will show the previous action you’ve made, e.g. “Dismissing the issue”. In 5 seconds, the match will drop out of the List, and it will update automatically.

Note that if you’ve removed the match by mistake, you can restore it within 3 seconds by clicking Cancel. Then, the match will appear in the List again, and the progress bar status will change to “The match has been restored!”

When you dismiss all matches of Critical or Mild Issues in the List, you will improve your document's Contract Health Score. However, the CHS won’t change if you dismiss any Key Terms as they don’t highlight issues but all info details in your contract.

We hope that after dismissing, any irrelevant errors and pieces of information in your agreement will not bother you again.

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