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How can I see my document analysis reports in Loio and Clio?
How can I see my document analysis reports in Loio and Clio?
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With the Loio & Clio integration, you’ll benefit from seeing your document analysis reports in two places at once – the Documents section in Clio and via email. Just pick up the one you need or even use both.

Here’s how to stay alerted about your documents’ content:

  1. Enable email notifications in your Loio account. You’ll get instant reports on the Contract Health Score (CHS) of your documents, plus the found errors and key information details in them.

Below, in the threshold, you can set up the specific Contract Health Score that you want Loio to notify you about in email reports. For example, if you’re sure that 30% of CHS isn’t good enough for your contracts, you can enable email notifications for the problematic contracts.

Thus, you’ll receive Loio’s report on your CHS, including the number of high-risk errors (Critical Issues) and low-risk mistakes (Mild Issues) along with information details (Key Terms) that Loio has all detected in your agreement.

2. You can also view essential Loio details in the Comments cell in your Documents area in Clio.

Here, for each document, you’ll also see its Contract Health Score, plus the numbers of Critical Issues, Mild Issues, and Key Terms that Loio has detected in your agreements.

Now you can smartly review the most vulnerable documents that need your attention. By knowing your contracts’ “health” you can organize and prioritize your time. Loio empowers you to quickly eliminate the problematic areas in your contracts, and then submit them confidently for your next steps.

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