What is Loio & Clio integration?
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Software integration is a big step toward making your work and experience more efficient and productive. Reviewing legal documents, organizing them within folders, sharing tasks between teammates and more in one platform is a dream for legal pros.

This is why we offer integration between Loio and Clio. Let’s see how you can benefit from using these two legal software apps to speed up daily contract tasks.

What is Clio?

Clio is a document management system that helps legal professionals store their documents, organize them in common spaces, track changes made to documents, collaborate with colleagues, and much more.

Clio offers Clio Manage for efficient law firm management and collaboration. To improve its workflow, Clio has integrated with five software products Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Zoom, iManage, and Loio. The Clio and Loio integration can help millions of legal professionals work with documents efficiently and save time and revenue for more valuable tasks.

How does Loio & Clio integration work?

In order to take advantage of the Loio & Clio integration you will need a Loio Team account. Any solo customers can try out a Team account for 14 days if they’d like to experience this boost in productivity with their colleagues.

You can see the Integrations tab in your Loio account when you sign in.

When you connect Clio and Loio, you can get faster access to the Clio software; or you can easily sign up for a Clio account in the Integrations tab.

Please note that if you're new to Clio, you need to choose a region for your Clio account - the USA or Europe.

In its dashboard, Clio provides you with numerous sections to work with documents. The key tabs you need when you connect to Clio are Matters, Contacts, and Documents. Overall, these tabs merge clients’ cases, the contact information of investors, clients and partners, plus documents that you’ve uploaded to Clio.

Now, when you open documents from Clio in Microsoft Word, the key information from Loio is shared back with Clio. You can learn more about the Contract Health Score (CHS) of each of your documents and the number of high-risk errors (Critical Issues), low-risk mistakes (Mild Issues), and main information details (Key Terms). We can also send you brief reports on your documents’ “health” via email.

Enjoy the maximum benefits from connecting to Clio in your daily workflow and share them with your colleagues.

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