What is Customization in Loio?
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Every legal practice area has its nuanced details that must be included in specific contracts. While you’re reviewing your documents, checking every single typo, number or definition can confuse you, cause more stress and break your workflow.

We at Loio have added customization for Key Terms, Critical Issues, and Mild Issues. Having these settings at hand, you decide what kind of information Loio should scan, be it multiple types of errors or just the main details of your contract.

Let’s see how you can apply Loio’s scanning settings in your daily agreements.

How to set up the items Loio should scan?

First, in the plugin go to the Menu above and choose Settings. The new window will pop up.

Or you can click My Profile, and you’ll see all the settings in the browser.

The new window starts from the Key Terms overview. By default, all the types are enabled. You can easily switch off the Key Terms toggles you don’t need.

If you would like to come back to the previous settings, click Reset to default.

Moving on to errors. When you open the same-name tab, you’ll see types of Critical and Mild Issues divided into their categories: Money, Dates, and Definitions and Defined Terms. Like in Key Terms, all types of issues are automatically enabled.

Here, you can prioritize each type of issue, marking it as a critical or mild one. For example, you may skip inconsistent money amount spelling in your contract, but months mentioned only in digits matter to you a lot. In this case, you can mark the type “inconsistent money spelling” as a Mild Issue while “months not spelled in letters” can be a Critical Issue.

For sure, you can also disable the types of issues you don’t need in your contracts by switching off the Disable toggles. In this case, Loio will not detect the selected types of issues.

Note that in Loio’s Team accounts, only the Owner and Admins can set up the needed types of issues and Key Terms for scanning.

We hope that customization in Loio will help you learn only about the most relevant and essential information in your document and display the found mistakes.

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