The List of matches in Loio’s Table of Contents enables you to review each section of your contract in detail. In ToC, "matches" mean all Critical Issues and Mild Issues that Loio has detected in your agreement. Exclamation marks indicate them in your document structure.

You can access the needed section in your contract after you click View details at Indicators.

In the List of matches, you’ll see Critical and Mild Issues that Loio has found in the specific part of your contract. Here Critical Issues are indicated in red while Mild Issues are highlighted in orange. Since Critical Issues carry high risks for your contract’s well-being, they’re displayed on the top of the List of matches.

How to use the List of matches?

In the List of matches, you can unfold each match for more details.

Let’s see the example of an incorrect money amount. In the match above, you can see the category of the issue (e.g. Money), then the type of issue (e.g. Words and numbers don’t match). You can click Show more to see the error within your contract text.

There are some types of Critical and Mild Issues that Loio will suggest you fix. When you’re working with a specific issue, click on the suggestion in blue – and the issue will be corrected.

In case you feel that the match isn’t relevant for you, click Dismiss. The List of matches will update automatically.

Below you’ll see a progress bar with the status of your action, e.g. “Fixed and moved to Bin”. If you removed the match by mistake, within 5 secs you can bring it back to the List by clicking Cancel. Otherwise, the match won’t be restored.

After you finish reviewing matches, you can close the List with the Go back button.

We hope that with Loio’s List of matches, you will manage to review all issues and key information details of your contract more efficiently and, in some clicks, make changes if needed.

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