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Every contract covers an agreement that both parties should reach. Therefore, contract clauses should be clear and in line with current regulations to ensure the agreement.

With Loio’s Clause analysis, you can review every single snippet of your document and instantly make all necessary changes. Let’s see which benefits you can gain from this tool.

What is Clause analysis?

Clause analysis is a technology that helps you spot errors and repeated document elements. Also, Loio highlights the missing clauses and offers to add them from our Clause bank.

Loio detects two types of problems:

  • Duplicate clauses, or repeated clauses which can cause confusion from repetition

  • Incomplete clauses that are required for a specific use contract and, therefore, should be added

Let’s explore Clause analysis in action.

How to efficiently work with Clause analysis?

To use Clause analysis, start by specifying your contract’s type.

If you haven’t found your specific document type, then select a General type of contract. Based on the type selected, Loio will scan your contract for mistakes and key info details. If a specific type is selected, Loio can process your document snippets more thoroughly.

Note: If you’d like to see new contract types supported, simply choose Request to add a missing contract type in our drop-down list.

After you’ve chosen the necessary type of agreement, start scanning. Then, you’ll see what problematic clauses Loio has detected in Critical Issues and Mild Issues.

Loio will mark the clauses from Critical Issues as mandatory and should be added to your contract. When inserting these snippets, you’ll make your document clear and concise. Duplicate clauses also belong to Critical Issues and should be removed from your agreement.

We suggest browsing clauses for your contract in our Clause bank. Click Open Clause bank to explore the useful clauses.

In the Suggestions tab, you can see the snippets that Loio thinks might fit in your contract. You can quickly, preview and insert them. Or you can move to the Clause bank and find the necessary snippet within a specific clause category. Then in one-click, you can insert it into your document.

In Mild Issues, you’ll see recommended clauses to consider for your contract. Like in Critical Issues, you can review the relevant snippets in Suggestions or go to Clause bank, find the right provision there and add it to your document.

To see more of Clause analysis in action, check out this video.

We hope you enjoy these useful and precise clauses in your legal documents and successfully close new client deals.

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