While scanning your contracts with Loio, you may notice that two buttons of Scan and Rescan pop up in specific cases. Let’s learn more about when you can use them.


When you’re about to review your document in MS Word for the first time, the Scan button is all set.

As soon as your click it, Loio will carefully check each piece of information and comb for errors in your contract. The results will be reflected within our Summary, Table of Contents, and Styling blocks.


Once you’ve fixed typos or edited information details in your contract, you’ll see the new Rescan button. Click it to let Loio update your agreement. It will pop up again after any changes you made in your document.

If you decide to dismiss all matches or fix all found issues, you can also click Rescan to update your Contract Health Score. Or you can go back to reviewing other issues and key information details in your contract.

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