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Clause management: how to create, edit, archive, and restore clauses?
Clause management: how to create, edit, archive, and restore clauses?
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Clauses are a valuable unit of contracts. Every day you do multiple actions with clauses like creating, editing, inserting them into legal documents, and more. But sometimes, typical tasks with contract provisions can take far more time than was expected.

With our Clause bank, you can efficiently work on all provisions you need and have a lot of time for clients and other daily missions. Let’s learn how you can build up clauses and easily manage them.

How to create a new clause?

To start composing a new clause, click New clause above. You will move to the new page.

Here you can fill in the new Title, select the necessary Category, insert the Clause text up to 4000 characters, and drop some Notes for you or your colleagues.

In Notes up to 200 characters, you can type in some helpful info details for you or your teammates.

If you’re the Owner or Admin of a Team account, you can share the new clause with your Team.

After you finish composing a new clause, click Save. If you want to quit, you can click Discard. We will ask you again whether you’re sure about your decision, and we will suggest you keep editing.

How to edit a clause?

Note that you can edit or archive the clauses you have composed. If you use Loio with your fellow lawyers, only Owners and Admins of Team accounts can edit the provisions created in teams.

If you would like to make changes to a clause, click on it for the preview. Above, in the ellipsis, choose Edit. You’ll see the new page.

The clause information is already filled in by default. You can change the clause’s title, category, and text.

If you’re working as the Owner or Admin in Loio’s Team account, you can share the clause with your fellow lawyers or disable sharing.

How to archive a clause?

To remove a clause you've composed, you can find it in your Personal folder, select it to preview, and choose Archive. The clause will move to Archived clauses.

How to restore a clause?

If by mistake you've removed the clause you need, don't worry – you can find it in Archived clauses and restore it at any time.

In Clause bank, click on the trash bin icon on your upper right to move to Archived clauses.

You'll see all removed snippets that you can either recover for further use in Clause bank, or delete all of them forever.

If you want to restore the clause, just click on the arrow. If you want to clean up the archived clauses, click Delete all clauses. Note that you won't be able to restore your snippets after this action.

We hope that organizing provisions in our Clause bank will help you and your legal team streamline your contract drafting and reviewing processes.

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