Every clause needs careful review before filling it with essential information details and adding it into a contract. In our Clause bank, each provision template for your legal documents has its Preview page.

Loio’s preview of clauses provides you with a complete description of a specific clause. If it fits in your agreement, you can insert the clause right into the document text. Let’s see how you can learn more about provisions in our Clause bank.

How to use Preview of clauses?

On a clause’s Preview page, you can see the clause content under its same-name tab.

In Notes, you can see the clause title or the relevant document type.

If you think the clause works for your contracts, you can save it to Favorites by clicking on the star above for your further drafting tasks. Also, you can insert the necessary provision into your current agreement right at your cursor’s spot.

If you’re a solo user, you can edit only the clauses you have composed. In Loio’s Team accounts, only the Owner and Admins can edit or delete clauses, unless Members create clauses. See the ellipsis above, click on it and select Edit from the drop-down list.

After you’ve finished reviewing the necessary provision, click Insert clause below or Go back above.

We hope that the option to preview clauses with Loio will help you work on each contract provision to its core and draft your agreements faster and more efficiently.

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