A thorough search is an all-important part of processing clauses in contracts. Using Loio’s search tool in Clause bank, you can avoid messy scrolling through multiple legal document provisions and quickly find the necessary clause.

To start searching for a provision, click on the magnifier above. Then, type in a clause title as a keyword in the popping search line. Loio will start browsing through all provisions when you type in more than three symbols. You can always clear the search line and try other keywords.

After the search, Loio sorts the found clauses into their categories. Unfold them to see the listed clauses and choose any of them to preview. If you think the clause works for your contracts, you can add it to Favorites and quickly access it in your following tasks.

If we don’t find anything you were looking for, we will let you know and suggest you try new search keywords.

If you think that there’s a clause category we don’t have at the moment, you can always reach out to us via our Live Chat or send an email at support@loio.com.

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