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How can I change the statuses of users in my Team?
How can I change the statuses of users in my Team?
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There are two options to change the roles of your team members — Delete user and Promote to Admin/Demote to member.

Note that only the Owner and Admin have the right to manage the users’ statuses in your Team account.

If you think your Team Member can take on more responsibility within your account, you can Promote them to Admin by choosing this option on the user’s profile. Then, you’ll see a pop-up screen to confirm your decision and let you know that the future Admin will gain access to billing settings, user invites, and status management. If you want to proceed, press Promote.

You can also Demote the Admin to Member status by selecting this option on the needed Admin’s profile. Again, a new window will pop up warning you that the Admin will lose access to billing, user invites, and status management in your Team account. If you’re absolutely sure about your decision, click Demote.

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