Who can delete accounts?
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We’re sad to learn that you need to delete your Team account or your Team users’ accounts.

To remove a Team user, select the one’s profile and click Delete user. A new window will pop up asking you about your decision and informing you that this user may lose access to Loio’s tools and all the user’s data will be removed. If you would like to continue, press Remove.

Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email that specific users have been removed from your Team in Loio.

Note that only the Owner and Admin can delete Team users’ accounts. Members are enabled to remove their personal accounts solely. Finally, the Owner is the only eligible user to delete the Team account.

If you’re the Owner and would like to remove your Team account, first you need to delete all the Team users and cancel your active subscription plan. In case you skip these steps, a pop-up screen will remind you of these important actions.

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