How can I manage my Clio settings in Loio?
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While you chose initial settings when you first connected Loio and Clio, you can update these at any time. You can take advantage of your document management connection to Clio with easy-to-manage settings.

You can find Clio settings in your Loio web account, then go to the Integrations tab. Click on Clio Manage to reveal the settings.

Loio enables you to review documents from three essential Clio sections – Matters, Contacts, and Documents. Below, find what each of these sections has in Clio:

  • Matters include the general data on cases you’re currently working with, e.g. your practice area, clients, responsible persons, permission, important dates, etc.

  • In Contacts you can compose a full database of your partners, investors, clients, organizations, etc.

  • The Documents section keeps all your files and helps you track changes made to your agreements. Here you can also review your document analysis results provided by Loio.

For greater control, Loio can alert you about the found errors and key terms in your documents from the Clio sections you enable. If you want timely alerts you can switch email notifications on.

Also, in emails, you’ll get the Contract Health Score (CHS) for each of your documents from the selected Clio sections.

Adjust the CHS threshold setting to trigger when Loio should notify you about problematic documents. For instance, if a CHS score above 30% is crucial for you, Loio will send you an email report including all reviewed contracts whose Health Score is below 30%.

After you’ve finished, all changes in Clio settings are automatically saved. You can proceed to review your documents with Loio and manage them with Clio.

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