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How to invite people to my organization?
How to invite people to my organization?
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Sharing is caring, and Loio's Team account is a great way to care about your colleagues' drafting comfort. So how do you add people to your Loio Team?

After you've picked the number of seats for your Team and purchased the subscription, go to the Organization section in the User Dashboard. Navigate to the Users tab and click Add new users.

Fill in the empty fields with emails of the people you want to invite. To avoid too much copying and pasting, you can copy the full list of email addresses separated by commas or spaces and paste it in one empty field โ€” we will automatically put the addresses into separate fields.

After you've filled in the invitation list, press Send invitations.

If the overall number of invited people exceeds your plan's seat limit, we will notify you before sending out the invitations. If you continue with sending all of the invites, your plan will be updated automatically and you will be charged additionally for the new seats.

The invited people will receive letters with links to join your team. Each new member needs to specify their name and create a password for their Team plan profile.

To check the status of your invites, go to the Invites tab in the Organization settings. There, you can also cancel or resend invitations.

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