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How can I change my subscription plan?
How can I change my subscription plan?
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Life happens. Things change. Subscriptions change as well.

If you need to update your current subscription plan, go to the Billing section of your User Dashboard. Under the Plan tab, you will see your current plan details in the Current plan block and the alternative options in the Plan options block. Here, you can see the status of your subscription and switch to alternative plans.

Upgrading from a free plan

If you are using a 30-day free plan, you can upgrade to the Solo plan by clicking the Get Solo button in the Plan options block.

On the pop-up screen, choose your payment schedule (monthly or yearly) and fill in your payment details. Click Confirm purchase. When the payment is through, your subscription will be upgraded automatically.

Switching between monthly and yearly payments

If you had a change of heart and would like to go from annual to monthly payments (or the other way around), take a look at the Current plan block. In the right corner of the block, click the Switch to monthly (or Switch to yearly, depending on your current plan) button.

Switching from Solo to Team accounts

Want to share Loio with your colleagues? That's fantastic news!

If you're on a free trial or using a Solo plan, you will need to cancel your current subscription and create a new Team account. We hope to make this transition more seamless in the future, but for now, this is the only technically viable way to go from Solo to Team plan.

Canceling and renewing subscription

To cancel your current subscription, look at the Current plan block. On the right side of the block, click Cancel subscription and confirm the cancellation on the pop-up screen.

Canceling the subscription does not delete your account, but it does lock you out from the add-in. If you changed your mind and want to get back to Loio (that would be delightful news for us!), you can always renew your subscription in the Billing section of User Dashboard. In the Current plan block, click Renew subscription, specify your payment details and schedule, and Confirm purchase. When the payment is through, your subscription will be renewed. Welcome back!

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