Submitting the final contract version is as important as exciting. Reviewing the document with a pen or pencil in your hands can invisibly steal your time and leave tiny inaccuracies caused by the human factor. To help you review contracts more efficiently and save your working hours for other essential tasks, we created our Scan button.

Once you finish your contract, you can start reviewing it with Loio. While scanning your contract from A to Z, Loio detects your document structure, finds issues, and highlights the key information like definitions, references, parties, contact details, and more. Finally, Loio defines how well your contract is formatted. Feel free to click Scan every time you’ve made changes in your contract or if you want Loio to analyze it again.

You can see the main information results in Summary block split into three information cards: Critical Issues, Mild Issues, and Key Terms. You can unfold these cards for more information.

Note that Loio only highlights the found issues and key details in your contract. You can fix the detected errors or dismiss them. If you decide to correct selected mistakes, your Contract Health Score will change automatically with the number of your corrections. If you would like to keep your contract up-to-date, always press Scan.

We are sure that our Scan button will help you review your documents more productively and work with contracts with greater pleasure.

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