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How to make the best of Styling?
How to make the best of Styling?
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Documents with broken formatting are annoying. Formatting issues are rarely treated as a priority, which means they can snowball into an unreadable mess. To save your time, clicks, and mental health, we designed Styling. Let’s see in which common cases it can help you fix your document formatting.

Make your documents shine with professionalism, always

The first impression means a lot to clients and reading parties. With Styling, you will always have time and instruments to turn a messy draft into a professional-looking document ready to be sent.

Fix broken formatting after converting PDF to docx

Let’s say you have a PDF file that you need to convert to the doc or docx format. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, converting a PDF into doc usually messes up with the document's formatting.

Loio’s Styling can help you get your doc back into a proper shape by identifying all of the styles used in the text and allowing you to fix scattered text fragments across the document with just a few clicks. Instead of spending time on manual scrolling and clicking, you can fix the styling of an entire document in under 3 minutes.

Save the formatting after copying and pasting from web pages and emails

When you copy and paste text parts from the web into your document, you may end up with many styles mixed across the document. Hands-on scrolling and fixing issues manually take too much time.

Styling groups these scattered fragments by their formatting and allows you to correct them by just editing the Style Group. For example, if there are a lot of text bits pasted from emails that are all written in 11-sized Arial font, Styling will depict them as one Style Group. By changing the Group's characteristics to Times New Roman 12, you will transform all of the text bits at once.

Make clauses from other contracts blend into your draft

Suppose you need to add some clauses from previous contracts to the one you’re currently working on. As with the web or email text, the added clauses may be formatted differently.

Again, just edit the Style Groups that contain the copied and pasted text bits to solve this issue without manual scrolling and clicking.

Clean up documents sent from clients or other parties

You can’t have control over the styling of the document that you receive from other parties. If your client or colleague is less attentive to formatting, you may face a messy document that you now need to fix. Styling gives you an overview of all the styles used in the document and saves your time on fixing the mess.

We hope that poor formatting will never be an issue for you. Enjoy polishing your document quickly and stress-free with Styling and focus on more important and pleasant tasks instead!

Here’s our video guide to reviewing a Purchase & Sales Agreement using Styling.

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