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Can I collaborate with my colleagues in Loio?
Can I collaborate with my colleagues in Loio?
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Since Loio is a Microsoft Word add-in, you can review one contract with your colleagues altogether using the Review tab in Word. You can learn more about how to collaborate inside MS Word in our blog article.

Meanwhile, we in Loio have released Team plans to help you make contract reviewing with your fellow lawyers even more productive and organized! We provide specific Team roles like Owner, Admin, and Team Member to let you evenly arrange work tasks between your coworkers.

In brief, Owner can create a Team account plus manage the number and statuses of all invited users. Admin can also add and remove Team Members and change their roles but not the Owner’s status. Team Members can manage and set up their accounts only.

If you’re already using Loio, you can easily switch to Team plan in your User Dashboard settings. Just go to the Billing section and choose Upgrade to Team.

With Team accounts, you can add up to 25 users to give them full access to all Loio’s tools. One Team account means one billing for all – no need for your team members to pay separately. For more details on our pricing, please see our Pricing page.

If you would like to try out Team accounts, you can start a 14-day free trial and invite up to 5 new members.

In the future, Loio’s Team accounts will enable you and your team to review clauses and have the shared clause bank along with styling templates. Also, soon you will be able to log in via SSO (Single Sign-on) option to other work-related applications.

For more information on Loio’s Team plans, we encourage you to read our release notes on our blog.

We hope that with the new Team plans you and your colleagues will be able to boost your contract reviewing and get useful insights into your team’s workflow.

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