Paying attention to the correct and proper spelling of money amounts is crucial for any contract drafter. Use suggestions from Loio's Highlights to double-check money-related typos and mistakes:

Misspelled small amount

If the money amount is less than one, write only one zero before the decimal point (e.g. $0.56 but not $00.56).

Big amount abbreviation
Do not abbreviate millions and billions when stating money amounts.

Redundant decimals
Don’t add decimal zeros in round numbers (e.g. EUR 6,000 but not EUR 6,000.00)

Thousands not separated by a comma
When indicating amounts in numerics, thousands should always be separated by commas.

Inconsistent amount spelling (Mixing words and numerics)
Hundreds and thousands should be spelled in words only or numbers only, but never both (e.g. five hundred dollars or $500 but not 5 hundred dollars). Combining words and numbers works only with millions and billions (e.g. 3 million dollars).

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