Drafting money amounts or other figures can be tricky. Depending on your firm's drafting style, you may be spelling out numbers either in words and figures or leaving the amounts written in figures only. If you do spell out amounts in words, Loio's Highlights suggestions will help you notice common mistakes. Currently, Loio identifies and suggests correcting these issues:

Numbers not stated in words
Loio checks whether each money amount is spelled in both words and figures (e.g. $2,000 and two thousand dollars) and points if any of the two forms are missing.

Misspelled decimals

When spelling out numbers with decimals (e.g. $5.99), the general rule is to keep the decimal number spelled in figures (e.g. five dollars and 99 cents).

Words and numbers don't match
Mixing up the numbers and words is a common typo that can lead to real damage. Loio checks whether the amounts stated in words correspond to their numeric expressions and lets you know if there's an issue.

Spelled currency doesn’t match the sign

The currency stated in words should correspond to the currency sign. Loio spots the mismatch and lets you know about the typo.

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