Clear timeframes make for successful agreements. One of the basic ways to improve your drafting is to come up with clean and consistent formatting of dates. Loio's Highlights can help you with that by identifying the following date format issues and suggesting checking them.

Ordinal date format

Avoid ordinal date format in contracts:

✔️ March 5, 2021
❌ 5th of March 2021

Days spelled in letters

Avoid spelling days in letters:

✔️ March 5, 2021
❌ The fifth day of March 2021

Comma issues in dates

Use commas if months precede days and avoid commas when days precede months:

✔️ 5 March 2021
✔️ March 5, 2021

Wrong day format

When spelling out a date, avoid writing days below 10 starting with 0:

✔️ 5 March 2021
❌ 05 March 2021

Wrong year format

Write years using four digits. Avoid drafting with a two-digit format:

✔️ 05/03/2021
❌ 05/03/21

Months not spelled in letters

As a general rule, it's better to spell out months in letters to eliminate ambiguity:

✔️ 5 March 2021
❌ 05/03/2021

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